Airport Pick-Up Information Form

DIRECTIONS: It is very important that you complete this form, so that we can (a) schedule an airport pick-up for you.
This form must be submitted at least Three days before your arrival date in order to guarantee airport pick-up.

Airport Pick-Up Dates For Spring 2015: 


January 4-8, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m. East Standard Time (EST).

美国东部时间1月4日--1月8日 早上9点到晚上12点

PART I: General Information


Student Name: (as it appears on your passport) 学生姓名

* First Name (Given Name)名字:      * Last Name (Family Name)姓:  

* Country of Citizenship国籍:      Name in your country 本国姓名:

* Student ID# (See your Admissions Letter)杜肯大学学生号:  

* Gender性别:

* Home Address (in your country)国内的地址:  

* City城市:      * Country国家:  

* Home Phone Number (in your country)国内的联系电话:        Cell Phone手机号:

* E-mail邮箱:  

* The Address you would like to delivered in Pittsburgh 你想在匹兹堡被送达的地址:

* zip code邮编:  

*How did you know about our services? 你是通过何种方式了解我们的服务的?

* Contact preson or link 联系人或链接  

Emergency Contact Information紧急联系方式
(In case of an emergency, who should we contact?) 紧急情况下应该联系谁

* Emergency Contact Name紧急联系人:  

* Emergency Contact Phone Number紧急联系电话:  

* Emergency Contact Address紧急联系地址:  

PART II: Arrival Information


(1)New international students who wish to be picked up from the airport must arrive at Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT)
(2) After you complete the Arrival Form, please e-mail a copy of your flight itinerary to or upload your list here:
(3)In case of any changes or consolation of your flight, please keep us updated by contact Connie: in order to help us provide airport pickup services to you. It will be convenient for both of us if you could send us an email about your arrival information right before you get on the last flight to Pittsburgh.
(3)We will meet you at the Baggage Claim area and hold a paper with your name.
(4)If you do not arrive during the airport pick-up times: If you arrive on a date or at a time of the day when we do not offer airport pick-ups, you will need to email Connie to confirm the possibility. Thank you.

* Upload Itinerary 上传行程单

* Flight Departure Location (City, Country) 航班起飞的地点:城市,国家 :  

* Flight Departure Date (Month/Day/Year) (e.g. 08/06/2014) 航班起飞的日期(月/日/年) :  

* Flight Departure Time(Local Time) 航班起飞的时间(当地时间):  

* (Please choose AM or PM)上午或下午:

* Arrival Airline航空公司:      * Flight Number航班号:  

* Will your plane stop at any other airport in the United states before arriving in Pittsburgh 请问你在抵达匹兹堡之前是否需要转机

* If Yes, please write the information of transfer airport, airline and flight number
如果需要转机,请提供最后一个转机的机场信息,航班以及航班号 :

* Date of arrival in Pittsburgh抵达匹兹堡的日期:  

* Arrival Time (East Standard Time/EST)抵达的时间( 美国东部时间):  

* (Please choose AM or PM)上午或下午:

* Arrival Airline航空公司:       * Flight Number航班号:  

* Are any family members traveling with you to the United States?你的家庭成员是否与你同行来美国

* If yes, please list their names and relationship to you :如果是,请填写他们的姓名以及与你的关系

* Do you also want us to pick them up from the airport?你的随行家庭成员是否需要我们提供接机服务